Pool Warehouse


Pool Warehouse Ltd has an extensive range of Pool and Spa chemicals including chlorine products, shock doses, balancers, algaecides and cleaners.

We also cater for non-chlorinated pools with copper free algaecide, non-chlorinated shock dosing products and anything else you’re likely to need, not to mention plenty of helpful advice about your system.

And you’ll find an extensive range of parts and accessories for hot tubs, pools and spas instore too.

We have everything from baskets, weir doors, hinges, skimmer socks, vacuum plates and skimmer lids to pool cleaning equipment such as leaf scoops, leaf rakes, pool brushes, vacuum heads and telescopic poles. We do most PVC pipe & fittings (32mm, 40mm & 50mm), glue, 2 & 3 way valves, non-return valves, Mac Unions, O rings, Spider gaskets and spare parts for Para Pools.

We also sell and service pumps and filters and we keep a plenty of spare parts on hand too. Our Service Department handles everything from a Pool Valet Service and simple repairs, right through to the supply and installation of a new pump or filter. For more information see our Services page.